Debugger Tool

Analytics Debugger is an online debugging tool for Google Analytics and more tools. Basically it allows you to debug any implementation without the need of using any external tool but your browser.

What info will you be able to see

Debugger module does a deep debug for Google Analytics installs, offering this info:

  • What pagenames are being sent
  • To what UA accounts is the data being sent
  • Any custom variables, events, social tracking, user timings being used
  • It simulates the code being used by the page,
  • It will show you any error in your Google Analytics implementation, for example when using a string value where a integer value is expected or using depecrated function names.
  • Alerts are going to be showed when for example the page is firing an automated interactional event on  a page load that could affect the real Bounce Rate of the page, or if the page is sending more than 8 hits at once and so.
  • Any tag customization is showed too, for example if the setDomainName is set a specific domain, if setSiteSpeedSampleRate have been set to a different value, or if _setCampaignCookieTimeout is being used to alter the usual campaings timeout

What do I need to run it

You won't have the need to install any plugin to debug any page. All this info is showed in a graphical way, so you can check it without the need of surfing across multiple javascript files, custom clients implementation variables or without having to deofuscate Tag Management tools code.

It ain't limited to check the beacon hits that are being sent from the page or running a regex filter over your sourcecode what can show you some false positives. it does a full audit over the page. You won't ever need to deal with any regex to check you implementation status.